welcome to the gun show. seriously.

March 11, 2008

now, i’m not like a gun fanatic or anything like that, but, this thing is freaking awesome.


i guess i’m late…

July 1, 2007

i guess i’m late on this idea but i’m pretty sure that someday soon, everything will be on the internet. i mean that in the sense that nobody will really store anything on their own computer but those pieces of information that are of the utmost importance (and hopefully those will be on a chip that gets implanted at birth). everything else (software, documents, photos, music, etc.) will just go on that big server in the sky. wherever they keep the rest of the internet. i guess its in washington d.c. somewhere. or in al gore’s basement.all computers will be the same to the extent that they will all just link up to the same internet using the same protocols and personal computers will be nothing more than an access point that you own and carry with you. what that will look like, i don’t know. i’m hoping it’s like the school desks in Ender’s Game. something likeĀ a big multi-touch board with a wi-fi antenna. and probably a bumper sticker from your favorite band or political party. and we can only hope that it’s open-source. yea. what do you think?