today, in words.

March 27, 2008


first things first, my intelligent post for the day is on the college wordpress

now, today, i:

woke up at ten
ate cereal and a breakfast biscuit
we went to the creek so susan could return a shirt
we went to lowes and bought dirt in a bag
we came home
then we went for a bike ride
to walmart (for a bike lock)
then behind the mall
to world market
then to starbucks
we read at starbucks for a while
then we rode our bikes home
cleaned up
susan made pizza (by hand)
we went to the walkers so susan could shoot some footage
now we’re up late while susan is editing video.

for anyone interested, we rode about 9.25 miles. it was awesome, and i got sunburnt.


i like to read, think, write, and discuss.

March 17, 2008

i like lots of other things too, but i think that mostly i like to do the things listed above. this sounds stupid but i just recently really had this revelation. so i’m going to try to do those things more often.

slowing down

January 28, 2008

i missed church on sunday (most of it anyway) and i’m feeling it. its hard to explain but i guess you can probably understand. i feel very goopy. lethargic, maybe.
on a lighter note, i’m one step closer to being done with mine and susan’s coffee table.
i think it started friday or saturday, but i’ve been leaving the radio off in the car. its been good. today on my way to the church, I-45 was REALLY backed up at el dorado and as i pulled onto the feeder, i really wanted to turn on the radio to try and hear what was going on but i resisted, and just handled the situation. it was fun. i would even venture to say that it felt somewhat like an action movie. like “iono wha’s goin on her’ but i kno what i’s gon’ do ’bout it!”
and i got to work, on time, despite initially thinking that i might be stuck there on the feeder for hours, maybe days!
for a while i had eased into the philosophy that most of the news didn’t affect my day to day life so i  shouldn’t bother listening to it. NPR pulled me away from that philosophy but i think i may be leaning back into.
i’ll keep you posted. lol

…one month later.

January 12, 2008

yes, i’m still alive and here, if you are involved in my life at all, you probably know that in the past month i have moved out of my parents house and gotten married to the love of my life (susan). things have been quite busy getting settled in and stuff but fear not, we should be getting some internets in our house pretty soon.more to come 🙂 

The Golden Compass et al.

December 19, 2007

I think:A) This post is too lateB) People should be concerned about informing their kids of the truth moreso than preventing them from hearing lies. If all you ever do is protect your child from everything unGodly and unrighteous in the world, your kids will never grow up and stand on your own two feet. Of course, I’m saying this from my broad scope of knowledge on the subject, but it seems that you have to gradually worry less and less about what your child knows of the world and more and more concerned about how they perceive what they do see and whether or not they know the truth to whatever lies they are told. 

just a link

December 19, 2007

i posted this on the college wordpress, so i’m linking it here cause i didn’t want to plagiarize myself. i don’t have the financial resources for a lawsuit right hear to read 

drives in the night.

November 25, 2007

sometimes, on my way home from Susan’s house, i take the long way home. its always just a time to let my thoughts flow. kind of a time to decompress after a long day. its also a good time to listen to those musics that i don’t really get to listen to if anyone else is in the car. tonight i thought about writing this post, honestly. i thought about the golden compass. i thought about how i hope to parent my children. i thought about wanting to make this post a stream of consciousness post. i thought about how difficult it would be to remember all the thoughts that crossed my mind. i’ve also been thinking about if i’m honoring God in my workplaces. i thought about how much i look forward to being a husband. i thought about how blessed i feel to even have the opportunity. actually, for these past couple of thoughts, they’ve actually been what’s crossing my mind right now. but we’ll just keep going with it. how blessed i am to have the opportunity to be a husband. how am i going to provide for my wife. not just get by financially but really provide for her. in the end, i rely on God, and He will not stop a good work that he has begun. i think that my upcoming marriage is a good work. i hope and pray that he moves in a great way in us. in a way that we can never understand. i pray that for the community. for my community. whatever that is. i like this. i love to write my prayers, although i think that this is the first time anyone else has ever joined in on my written prayers. now i feel slightly arrogant. praise the lord for his unending grace. i pray for changed hearts tomorrow, no matter how well or poorly anyone communicates. God is in control. God is great. God is righteous. God is good. God is just.
God is God.
God is.
Its amazing.
I feel a mixture between feeling cheated and appreciative of whoever was involved in the production of the Ten Commandments. This is why: it gave voice to that one part in Exodus where God says “I AM THAT I AM”. That really thunderous voice. If you’ve seen it, you know. That part was awesome. But now, that is the only voice that I can attach to the voice of God. Its like I got robbed of the opportunity to imagine it on my own. This is getting so random.