I was wondering wether any of America’s potential next top models should really be listening to the advice of a dude that looks like he walked straight off the set of Saturday Night Live, but his shirt and headband do match nicely.

Maybe he’s good at what he does.


8 Responses to THIS GUY

  1. chrisbrewster says:

    Dude. That is Miss Jay Alexander, Diva Extraordinaire. Yes, they should listen to them.

  2. Cindy says:

    Where did you find this pic? Interesting.

  3. Greg Masone says:

    Maybe they should listen to this person instead…..

  4. I would like to refer you to your March 17th post….

    let’s hear it…

  5. routlaw says:

    Like Chris said, it’s Miss Jay Alexander. He knows how to walk the runway like a pro. Only I don’t think he can actually be a pro because they haven’t let drag queens into high fashion yet.

  6. I plan to go on this how and share some love of Christ….as i have told my friends; If I actually make it: Pray for me.

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