i like to read, think, write, and discuss.

i like lots of other things too, but i think that mostly i like to do the things listed above. this sounds stupid but i just recently really had this revelation. so i’m going to try to do those things more often.


6 Responses to i like to read, think, write, and discuss.

  1. Write more often then, Minchew.

  2. I’m with bigkev, let’s hear it…

  3. Cindy says:

    Reading, writing, thinking, and discussing is what makes us unique and human. These are some of the things that grow us-spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. You’ve been doing them to some extent growing up but now see their value. Keep growing!!

  4. chrisbrewster says:

    It all starts with reading and maybe discussing, but the more we read, then the more we can discuss.

    So first we must read. When we read, we think. Whether it is fictional, biographical, or philosophical, we think. When we think, we either make up our mind about something or get more confused. I think writing is a big part of thinking. It makes things ‘permanent’. We have a record to look back on our thoughts and refine them. This leads to discussing. We want to share what we’ve learned with others and have them teach us along with getting clarity about what we’ve confused ourselves about.

    When we discuss, we want to read more to learn more to share more. When we read more, we learn more, think more, and write more. When we write more, we think more and want to discuss more. When we think more, we get confused more, we get more sure, and we want to learn more about it. See where this is going?

  5. Greg Masone says:

    I like to do those things too! Well, the writing part has been lacking recently, but it’s starting to pick up!

    But yeah, write more so we know what you’re thinking, then we can discuss it, so others can read it.


  6. amin baloch says:

    some humans are by nature thinkers,well the thinkers are deeply attached to reading they absorbe through reading, viewing,discussing because they are sensitive by nature,people may call them emotional nuts or misfits but in fact the deep thinkers know and are often discoverers of the facts of life and reach to the core of every matter.{amin.baloch7@gmail.com}

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