the blogger formerly known as ondrei

i was thinking earlier that i should import all my posts from my old xanga onto wordpress so that they could be kinda in the past but still liked to the present, but it’s not gonna happen, so every once in a while i intend to resurrect an old post from my xanga and republish it, here, on wordpress.

get ready.


11-05-06 | 12:44 am

back. and single-tasking!

i’ve been away for awhile and even went so far as to cancel my site… but i am back with an anonymous vengeance!
i really just wanted a place to spit my thoughts onto the worldwideweb of information.

and with that… my first entry goes a little something like this:

i think that it is in my best interest to give up on intentional multitasking forever. i am going to take a stand and be the first person to be a self proclaimed single tasker.

chew on that, JACK!


One Response to the blogger formerly known as ondrei

  1. Greg Masone says:

    I tried doing that once too, cept I have “blogs” (they weren’t called that back in my day) going back all the way to 2001. Thats a lot of CTRL V’s!

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