slowing down

i missed church on sunday (most of it anyway) and i’m feeling it. its hard to explain but i guess you can probably understand. i feel very goopy. lethargic, maybe.
on a lighter note, i’m one step closer to being done with mine and susan’s coffee table.
i think it started friday or saturday, but i’ve been leaving the radio off in the car. its been good. today on my way to the church, I-45 was REALLY backed up at el dorado and as i pulled onto the feeder, i really wanted to turn on the radio to try and hear what was going on but i resisted, and just handled the situation. it was fun. i would even venture to say that it felt somewhat like an action movie. like “iono wha’s goin on her’ but i kno what i’s gon’ do ’bout it!”
and i got to work, on time, despite initially thinking that i might be stuck there on the feeder for hours, maybe days!
for a while i had eased into the philosophy that most of the news didn’t affect my day to day life so i  shouldn’t bother listening to it. NPR pulled me away from that philosophy but i think i may be leaning back into.
i’ll keep you posted. lol


One Response to slowing down

  1. Greg Masone says:

    Silence is golden! What made you want to do that?

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