drives in the night.

sometimes, on my way home from Susan’s house, i take the long way home. its always just a time to let my thoughts flow. kind of a time to decompress after a long day. its also a good time to listen to those musics that i don’t really get to listen to if anyone else is in the car. tonight i thought about writing this post, honestly. i thought about the golden compass. i thought about how i hope to parent my children. i thought about wanting to make this post a stream of consciousness post. i thought about how difficult it would be to remember all the thoughts that crossed my mind. i’ve also been thinking about if i’m honoring God in my workplaces. i thought about how much i look forward to being a husband. i thought about how blessed i feel to even have the opportunity. actually, for these past couple of thoughts, they’ve actually been what’s crossing my mind right now. but we’ll just keep going with it. how blessed i am to have the opportunity to be a husband. how am i going to provide for my wife. not just get by financially but really provide for her. in the end, i rely on God, and He will not stop a good work that he has begun. i think that my upcoming marriage is a good work. i hope and pray that he moves in a great way in us. in a way that we can never understand. i pray that for the community. for my community. whatever that is. i like this. i love to write my prayers, although i think that this is the first time anyone else has ever joined in on my written prayers. now i feel slightly arrogant. praise the lord for his unending grace. i pray for changed hearts tomorrow, no matter how well or poorly anyone communicates. God is in control. God is great. God is righteous. God is good. God is just.
God is God.
God is.
Its amazing.
I feel a mixture between feeling cheated and appreciative of whoever was involved in the production of the Ten Commandments. This is why: it gave voice to that one part in Exodus where God says “I AM THAT I AM”. That really thunderous voice. If you’ve seen it, you know. That part was awesome. But now, that is the only voice that I can attach to the voice of God. Its like I got robbed of the opportunity to imagine it on my own. This is getting so random.


5 Responses to drives in the night.

  1. Your thought about getting robbed of the opportunity to imagine God’s voice is very thought provoking. I can not write down everything that comes to my mind. We seem to be much a like. This idea of being robbed of that opportunity is a good point. I’m not upset about the movie being made or them trying to display their idea of what God might sound like, but I would like to see people think more “outside of the box”. Many people resort to ideas they have seen or already herd. I want to hear about a new burning bush experience. I want to tell someone I saw God work in such and such a way and they be like… Wow! God is amazing! God is Holy! God is sovereign! Instead of being stuck to an image or a sound bite from an old movie.

    Maybe more of what I want is not only imagination, but actual experience. Will I hear God speak to me in a Thunderous voice? Will God use a donkey to stop my path, or maybe a car? Are actual phenomenons what people wrote about in the Bible, accounting them as works of God? I don’t know… I think we have it backwards during this day… I’m probably not making any sense, but I have a feeling you know what I mean.


  2. I wouldn’t mind a pet donkey

  3. johnjcole says:

    me either. pet donkeys for everyone!

  4. Leah says:

    im glad you enjoyed my story.

    i sometimes take the long way too, just so i can listen to music. and think.

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