Tent Time. (Awesome)


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Susan and I recieved a tent at our wedding shower. It is freakin awesome. We set it up today. In my room. Again i say, it is awesome.
It has a front porch.
It has a little hole in the back to access a cooler without having to get out of the tent.
It has a hole in one of the corners specifically made so that you can run extension cords through it (for when you’re really “roughing it”).
Its red and black and gray.
Its huge.
Its got a porch.
We set it up in my room.


7 Responses to Tent Time. (Awesome)

  1. excitedbigkev says:

    Tents are awesome. It gets you back to nature and closer to God.

  2. Greg Masone says:

    Thats awesome!

    In August I went camping in Florida with my girlfriend and her family. By camping I mean picking a semi-paved clearing and backing in two giant RVs and hooking them up to the water and electricity, which we sat in for about five days, watched tv, and played videogames. We set up tents too so we can make it all look “authentic”.

    So I guess going camping really means finding a place other than your house to replicate your normal living conditions.

    I’m getting a hotel room next time.

    Cool tent by the way. We should have a College Plus beach campout and bonfire (huge).

  3. The Chief says:

    Your tent sounds awesome

  4. Cindy says:

    There’s nothing like a camping trip to bring out the real nature in people. It can bring you closer together and build family memories! How romantic!

  5. acarico says:

    that looks awesome. i remember playing in the tents at Academy when i was little, it was always so fun! did yall register for that?

  6. yea. we registered for it not really knowing which tent to pick. we decided coleman was a good brand and the picture made it look cool. lucky guess 🙂

  7. J.J. says:

    susan gave me the songs for your wedding on a church communication card. not awesome.

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