Mondays feel like Twodays.

mondays feel approximately two days long. i guess when i really think about it, it feels like there is this one LONG stretch of activity from saturday afternoon to tuesday night. its like the sleep that comes in those times is more almost forced. its like eating a meal now because you know you won’t have time later. i think something that makes a good nights sleep, and a good day is time at the end when you can stop and reflect. i guess thats why tonight, instead of coming home and going to sleep, i went and had coffee with susan, then came home and watched a couple of skate videos, and now i’m writing this. its like the reflection is the only time to see what’s happened. to really sit and understand all that has gone on. i guess sleep is a time to reflect, subconsciously (if i understand my psych class correctly), whereas times of journaling and quiet thought are times to consciously reflect and process all thats going on. i need to take more deep breaths in the day. or at least deeper breaths. anything would be refreshing. refreshing like how i’m about to go to bed.


3 Responses to Mondays feel like Twodays.

  1. Cindy says:

    I keep thinking that things will be more simplified the older I get, but not so! I want some time to refresh, too.

  2. The Chief says:


    i notice waldo and the chief did not make your blogroll list. what’s the deal with that?

  3. Big Kev says:

    What’s Waldo and The Chief? It sounds good.

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