think globally, act locally (disambiguation)

This phrase has been on my mind for some time. I saw it on a bumper sticker and it has perculated ever since. I always knew it was in reference to ecological concerns but something about it rang true on a level connected to my faith.
Recently, I saw a note I had made to myself, did some more research and investigation and found a little bit on the internet about the origins of the phrase. It really struck a chord in me, so i took it upon myself to reword what I found in hopes of revealing the connection that I found this phrase to have with the global and local bride of Christ.

Global problems can turn into action only by considering differences of our local surroundings. It has been suggested that consciousness should begin at home. Some believe that there needs to be a creation of a worldwide community in which “natural and social units maintain or recapture their identity, yet interplay with each other through a rich system of communications”. Issues must be dealt with in their unique spiritual, social, and cultural contexts.

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5 Responses to think globally, act locally (disambiguation)

  1. bgraef says:

    Environmentalism is a dogmatic religion in itself.
    High Priest Gore screaming there will be hell to pay if we dont repent and all start living in unheated caves.
    Its a garbage ideology.It breeds poverty,elitism and preaches scarcity amid plenty. We havent even scratched the surface of this planet for resources. The planet isnt going to disappear, and nowhere in scripture does it prophesy that humanity will self destruct.
    Environmentalism is satanic , it is worship of earth and nature instead of the Creator.
    It is the age old gaia releigion of paganism that breeds ignorance and poverty.

  2. i appreciate your comment.
    i think you might be on a bit of a different topic than i initially started on, but in response to you i would say that there is a definite level of…
    over concern for our treatment of the environment, while at the same time i think that there is a lot to be said for us being good stewards of the resources God has given to humanity.
    john woolman, an eighteenth century Quaken preacher once said “It is not possible to love an unseen God while mistreating God’s visible creation.”

  3. Bert Graef says:

    I am an environmentalist.

  4. Cindy says:

    I love the new blog! Your picture is awesome. I need help on my book blog!!!
    I won’t even get into this other discussion right now because it’s too late and my brain can’t think that hard.

  5. Scavenger says:

    One thing I find amusing,(and disheartening )about environmentalism, is the amount of litter seems to be directly proportional to the number of citizens screaming at our elected officials to do something to save thier environment. If these people cant even clean up after themselves, why should my tax dollars be spent on enviromental programs initiated solely by thier hypocritical wailing?

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